Lt Reuben M. Campbell

Campbell, Reuben M.- Jr. Pvt. 8/8/1861. Transferred from 3d Co. E, 25th Regiment Ga. Inf. to 2d Co. I, 38th Regiment Ga. Inf. and elected Jr. 2d Lt. 5/2/1862. Elected 1st Lt. in 1862. Transferred to 2d Co. A, 60th Regiment Ga. Inf. as 1st Lt. 3/1/1863; to Co. K, 61st Regiment Alabama Inf. as 1st Lt. 4/11/1864. Captured at Petersburg, Va. 4/2/1865. Released at Johnson's Island, O. 6/18/1865. Filed a CSA pension application in Richmond Co., Ga. in 1911. Stated he was a resident of Ga. since 1839. He stated his company was captured at Petersburg, Va. 4/1/1865. Burial site unknown.

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