Pvt. Isaiah Peter Millsaps

Millsaps, P. J. (or Isaiah) ( Isaiah Peter Millsaps ) - Pvt. 5/6/1862. Killed at Spotsylvania, Va. 5/12/1864.

Born in TN. about 1838, Married Rutha Faralena on 8/22/1858. Faralena was born in Ga. in 1840. In 1860 they had a one 1 year old boy, Alexander.

His widow filed a CSA widow’s pension application in 1891 in Dawson Co., Ga. She stated, “My husband was shot through the body with a Minnie ball and also through the shoulder and died a few minutes after being shot” “He was killed in May of 1864, that was the news that came to me, I have not seen or heard from him since, I know that he is dead.”

Pvt. Zebulon C. Payne, signed an affidavit attesting to his service and death stating, “I was informed of his death by Lt. Gus Bell of same company and helped bury him.” Pvt. David W. Simmemon stated in application he saw him killed and saw him buried.”

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