Pvt. John B. Guest

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Guest, J. B.- (John B. Guest) Pvt. September 5, 1862. Roll dated November 6, 1864,last on file, shows him "Absent, detailed in Govt. Shoe Shop at Augusta, Ga. March 1863." Born in S.C. abt. 1840.

The Elberton Star Newspaper
Friday May 2, 1890

We are very sorry to learn of the death of Mr. J. B. Guest, who died at his home in Eliam district last Wednesday. He was a good citizen and a kind man. He was a member of Eliam Church and leaves a wife and several children, all of whom are grown, to mourn his death. His remains were interred at Bethlehem Church in Longstreet district.

Obituary courtesy of Mr. Jeff Taylor.

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