Lt. John M. Baxter - Co. D

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---------------------------------------------------------------Baxter, John - (John M. Baxter) Pvt. 3/1/1862. Elected Sr. 2d Lt. of Co. D, 4/1/1862. Captured at Gettysburg, Pa. July 4, 1863. Released at Fort Delaware, Del. June 12, 1865.

Married the wife of Pvt. Bennett’s Rainey Jeffares, Zade (Parazade Cochran Jeffares) after Bennett Rainey's death in 1866, according to Jeffares Rainey family descendants. He served as sheriff of DeKalb County from 1873-1875. Buried at Gresham Weed Cemetery, DeKalb Co., Ga. Died April 9th, 1915, at age 84, in DeKalb Co., Ga. Filed a CSA pension application in DeKalb Co. in 1900. Stated he was born in S.C. Sept/1830 and was a resident of Ga. since 1841. Stated occupation as farmer.

1898 - John Baxter on right standing beside wife Parazade Cochran Jeffares Baxter.

Photo courtesy of Mr. Michael S. Parks.

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