Pvt. George A. Eavenson

Eavenson S. A. (or T. A.) - ( George A. Eavenson) Pvt. 2/3/1864. – Pvt. Captured at Richmond Hospital, April 3rd, 1865. Sent to POW camp at Newport News, and died there July 11th, 1865 of exhaustion and general debility.

Buried at Hampton National Cemetery, Hampton, Va., located on the campus of Hampton University. Tombstone reads Everton, G. R., Ga. He was born 3 Sep 1843 and was the brother of John William Eavenson, Willis Jefferson Eavenson, and Thomas M. Eavenson, all of the same company.

Name found in CSA service records, his personal affects were sold at auction on Oct. 24th, 1865 and all his possessions totaled one dollar and forty-five cents, one shirt brought 30 cents and a jacket forty-five cents.

Source: CSA service records, National Archives

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