Pvt. George G. Cook

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Cook, George G. - Pvt. 9/26/1861. On sick furlough Dec/1861. Enlisted as a Pvt. in Co. A, 1st Regiment Ga. State Troops (Howell's Company,) 8/14/1862. Appointed 3d Corp. 4/1/1864. Severely wounded in neck at Atlanta, Ga. 7/22/1864. Detailed on W.K.A. Railroad. (Born in Ga. 8/18/1837.)

Filed a CSA pension application in Fulton Co. in 1899. Died 2/9/1906, buried at Cross Roads Cemetery next to Cross Roads Primitive Baptist Church, 940 Mt. Vernon Hwy, Sandy Springs, Ga. Obituary printed in Atlanta Constitution, 2/10/1906, page 2.

Photo and obit courtesy of descendant of George G. Cook

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