Pvt. Jeptha M. Thornton

Thornton, Depth M. (Jeptha Mercer Thornton) - Pvt. 10/15/1861. Wounded at 2d Manassas, Va. 8/28/1862. Captured at Winchester, Va. 9/19/1864. Paroled at Point Lookout, Md. Nov/1864. Received at Venus Point, Savannah River, Ga. for exchange, 11/15/1864.

Born 12/8/1841. Married Susan F. Oglesby in 1859. Filed a CSA pension application in Hart Co. in 1890. Died 5/12/1907, buried at Northview City Cemetery, Hart Co., Ga. Brother of Capt. John C. Thornton, company commander and also brother of Asa Thornton of same company.

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