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38th Georgia Volunteer Infantry


Wright, Augustus R.- Colonel August 27, 1861 . Resigned February 14, 1862. Wright, Augustus R.- (Augustus Romaldus Wright) Colonel August 27, 1861 . Resigned February 14, 1862. Elected as a Democrat to 35th U.S. Congress and served from March 4, 1857- March 3, 1859), served as a delegate to Georgia Secession Convention, where he opposed secession, and to the Confederate Secession Convention. Born in Wrightsboro, Ga., June 16, 1813. Early life: Augustus Romaldus served as a Representative from Georgia;; attended the public schools at Appling, Ga., the grammar school, Franklin College, and the University of Georgia at Athens; studied law at Litchfield (Conn.) Law School; was admitted to the bar in 1835 and commenced practice in Crawfordville, Ga., moving the following year to Cassville; served as judge of the superior courts of the Cherokee circuit from 1842 until he resigned in 1849 to resume the practice of law; moved to Rome, Ga., in 1855 and continued the practice of law; elected as a Democrat to the Thirty-fifth Congress (March 4, 1857-March 3, 1859); delegate to Georgia Secession Convention (opposing secession) and to the Confederate Secession Convention; offered provisional governorship of Georgia by President Lincoln, but declined; served as a member of the Confederate Congress; during the Civil War organized Wright’s Legion, which was mustered in with the Thirty-eighth Georgia Infantry; after the Civil War resumed the practice of law at Rome, Ga.; member of the Georgia Constitutional Convention of 1877; died March 31, 1891, at his home “Glenwood,” later a part of the Berry School, near Rome, Ga.; interment in Myrtle Hill Cemetery.

Lee, George Washington – Colonel. – enlisted as a Pvt. in Co M, 9/26/1861 . Elected Lieutenant Colonel October 11, 1861 ; Colonel February 18, 1862 .Resigned July 1862 . Appointed Major, to rank from May 2, 1863 , (from State of Ga.,) to report to Atlanta, Ga. Assigned to the 25th Battn. Ga. Provost Guard Infantry (Atlanta, Ga.) as Major, date not stated. Elected Lieutenant Colonel. (This Battn. was disbanded June 24, 1864 . Elected Lieutenant Colonel of the 3d Battn. Ga. State Guards (Atlanta Fire Battn.,) date not given. (Born about 1830.)

Mathews, James Davant.- Colonel. Captain in Co. E, 9/29/1861. Wounded at Gaines Mill, Va. 6/27/1862 . Elected Major June 1862 ; Lieutenant Colonel July 15, 1862 ; Colonel 12/13/1862 . Retired to Invalid Corps October 31, 1864 . Died 1878.

Pharr, Lewis J.- Lieutenant Colonel. See Major.

Davant, Phillip E.- Elected Captain of Co. B, 24th Regiment Ga. Inf. June 9, 1861 ; Major of the 3d Battn. Ga. Sharpshooters June 8, 1863 ; Elected Lieutenant Colonel of the 38th Regiment Ga. Inf. September 18, 1863 . Captured at Spotsylvania, Va. 5/12/1864 . Transferred from Fort Delaware, Del to Hilton Head, S. C. for exchange 6/25/1864 . Surrendered at Appomattox, Va. 4/9/1865 .

Parr, Lewis J.- Major. - Captain in Co. M, 9/26/1861 . Elected Major 10/11/1861 ; Lieutenant Colonel 2/14/1862 . Lieutenant Colonel L. J. Parr, had his arm shot off near the shoulder and shot through the right hand while leading the regiment in a charge at the Battle of Gaines Mill, 6/27/1862. Resigned 7/15/1862, or 12/13/1862. Died in Osceola, Fl, about April 15th, 1908, and buried there in Old Cemetery.

Hanleiter, Cornelius R. - 1st Lt. 9/26/1861. Elected Capt. 10/25/1861. Transferred to Hanleiter's Company Ga. Light Artillery (Jo Thompson Artillery,) as Capt. 6/10/1862. Roll for 10/31/1864, last on file, shows him present. No later record. (Born in Savannah, Ga.) Born in 1815, died in 1897.

Flowers, John Y. (John Yancey Flowers) - Major. - Captain, Co. A, September 26, 1861 . Elected Major February 14, 1862 . Resigned on account of hernia in right side June 1862 . Resignation accepted July 15, 1862. Born in S.C. about 1816, farmer, married, personal property valued at owned land valued at $3,800 and personal property valued at $5,000, father of 7 children according to 1860 US Census for De Kalb Co. Ga.. Father of Anderson Preston Flowers, musician, of Co. A. Died in 1868, buried at Nancy Creek Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, DeKalb Co GA.. Owned 8 slaves according to 1860 U.S. Federal Census - Slave Schedules for De Kalb Co., Ga.

Bomar, Thomas H.- Major. Captain in Co L, 10/13/1861. Elected Major July 2, 1863 . Commanded regiment at the Battle of Monocacy. Captured at Cedar Creek, Va. October 19, 1864. Released at Fort Delaware, Del. July 24, 1865 .

Sherrod, John H.- Adjutant. See 1st lieutenant Co. C.

Robinson, George F.- Enlisted as a Pvt. in Co. E, 4th Regiment Ga. Inf. April 28, 1861 . Appointed Adjutant of the 38th Regiment Ga. Inf. May 1863. Elected Captain of Co. K, August 13, 1863.Retired to Invalid Corps December 12, 1864.

Law, John Gordon - Adjutant November 21, 1863 . Captured at Spotsylvania, Va , 5/12/1864 . Released at Fort Delaware, Del. June 15, 1865 .

Shaw, Augustus - Acting Adjutant. See Pvt. Co. M.

Washburn, John H.- Chaplain December 24, 1861 . Resigned July 23, 1862 .

Brittain, Jabez Mercer - Chaplain. See 1st Sgt. Co. E.

Lee, Barney Drewry - Sgt. Major. See Pvt. Co. M.

Chew, John C.- Sgt. Major. See Pvt. Co. C.

Robertson, Walter S.- Sgt. Major. See 5th Sgt. Co. E.

Jernigan, William H.- Captain & A. Q. M. See Pvt. Co. E.

Williams, Thomas H.- A. Q. M. See Pvt. Co. M.

Devore, Andrew W.- Quartermaster Sgt. . See Pvt. Co. B.

Bailey, Joseph E.- Quartermaster Sgt. . See Pvt. Co. M.

Alexander, Philemon W. (or Pleasant W.) - Quartermaster Sgt. . See Pvt. Co. F.

Farmer, Sidney T.- Quartermaster Sgt. . See Pvt. Co. G.

Jones, George A.- Quartermaster Sgt. . See Pvt. Co. E.

Chew, John C.- Quartermaster Sgt. . See Pvt. Co. C.

Rosenthal, Adolphus - Ordnance Sgt. . See Pvt. Co. D.

Mathews, William C.- Ordnance Sgt. . See Pvt. Co. G.

McDaniel, R. S.- Ordnance Sgt. . See Pvt. Co. L.

Pughsley, George W.- Ordnance Sgt. . See 3d Sgt. Co. C.

Smith, Amory S.- Acting Ordnance Sgt. . See Pvt. Co. G.

Arrington, W. J.- Surgeon October 12, 1861 . Paroled at Augusta, Ga. May 20, 1865 .

Holloway, Robert G.- Surgeon. April 5, 1865 . See Assistant Surgeon.

Humphrey, J. R.- Assistant Surgeon. October 12, 1861 . Resigned May 12, 1862 .

Price, Skirving - Captain & Assistant Surgeon. December 4, 1862 (to rank from August 11, 1862 ). Killed at Deep Bottom, Va. August 15, 1864.

Houston, James H.- Assistant Surgeon. See Assistant Surgeon Hanleiter's Company Ga. Light Artillery.

Holloway, Robert G.- Appointed Assistant Surgeon, C.S.A., 6/10/1863 . Assigned to this regiment 10/5/1864 . Appointed Surgeon and reassigned to this regiment 4/5/1865. Paroled at Bowling Green, Va. 5/12//1865 .

Vaughan, Alexander - Hospital Steward. See Pvt. Co. H.

Brown, Beniah - Hospital Steward. See Pvt. Co. G.

Dean, Edward C.- Hospital Steward. See Pvt. Co. L.

Mitchell, Horace M.- Commissary. See Pvt. Co. M.

Quinn, John M.- A.C.S. 11/16/1861. Appointed Commissary. Relieved from duty by Act of Congress 7/1863 .

Prescott, John R.- Commissary Sgt. See Pvt. Co. C.

Daniel, Amaziah C.- Commissary Sgt. See Pvt. Co. F.

Harbin, Jasper L.- Ensign. See Pvt. Co. H.

Booth, John W. G.- Drum Major 10/15/1861 . Transferred to Co. H. On special service, G. W. Lee's Battn. in Ga., disabled, November 6, 1864 . Captured at Macon, Ga. April 1865 .

Lewis, L. (or Louis) - Chief Musician April 29, 1862 . Discharged prior to October 31, 1862 .

Booth, W. A.- Bass Drummer. 10/15/1861 . Transferred to Co. H. Appointed Sgt. . Wounded and disabled at Fredericksburg, Va. 12/13/1862 . On special service with G. W. Lee's Battn. in Ga., disabled, August 31, 1864 . Captured at Macon, Ga. April 1865 .

Beals, W. H.- Musician. April 29, 1862 . Discharged prior to October 31, 1862 .

Endies, T. M. (or Endier) - Musician December 29, 1861 .

Fisher, Frederick - Musician. See musician Co. H.

Flowers, Anderson “Preston” - Musician. February 6, 1862 . Transferred to Co. A, as a Pvt. 3/1/1862 . Appointed fifer in 1862 . Died at Staunton, Va. hospital January 20, 1863 . Son of Major John Y. Flowers of the 38th Ga. Buried in Thornrose Cemetery, Staunton, VA. Grave marker reads Anerson P. Flowers, Mus. Company A, 38th Ga. Infantry, Wright's Legion, CSA.

Hutcherson, James M.- Musician. See Musician Co. F.

Mendez, F. Augustus - Musician. See Musician, Co. L.

McMakin, William Jefferson - Musician. October 6, 1861 . Transferred to Co. B, as a Pvt. . Appointed Musician. Surrendered at Appomattox, Va. April 9, 1865. Born in S.C. in 1833, died at Muskogee, OK, 8/28/1899. Brother of John C. and Andrew J. McMakin, also of the 38th Ga.

Perlinski, Julius - Musician. April 29, 1862 . Transferred to Co. D, in 1864 . Captured at Winchester, Va. September 19, 1864 . Released at Point Lookout, Md. May 14, 1865 .

Toney, Charles W.- Musician. September 26, 1861 . Transferred to Co. K. Roll dated November 7, 1864 , shows him "Absent without leave since August 1, 1863 ." Union records show he was captured at Macon, Ga. April 1865 .

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