Pvt. Robert N. Ingram

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---------------------------------------------------------------Ingram, Robert N. - Pvt. 10/6/1861. Captured at Spotsylvania, Va. 5/12/1864. Paroled at Fort Delaware, Del. September 28, 1864. Exchanged September 30, 1864. Received at Varina, Va. October 5, 1864. Admitted to Jackson Hospital at Richmond, Va., with typhoid fever, October 7, 1864. Furloughed for 30 days October 13, 1864. Pension records show he was at home on sick furlough close of war. (Born in Cherokee County, Ga. June 1, 1837.)


8/26/1910 - Atlanta constitution - The friends of Mr. Robert Ingram, Mr. W. D. ingram, Mr. Robert ingram, Jr., Mrs. Lula Breadwater, Mrs. Lizzie Kirk, Mrs. Ida Britt, Mrs. Fannie Waters and Miss Hattie Ingram are invited to attend the funeral of Mr. Robert Ingram Friday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock from Barclay & Brandon Chapel. The following gentlemen will act as pallbearers: Mr. M. J. Brisock, Mr. J. W. Smith, Mr. A. P. Chapbell, Mr. B. H. Cross, Mr. Thomas Bohler, and Mr. J. J. West. Mr. Ingram was an old confederate veteran. Interment in Hollywood.

Buried at Hollywood Cemetery, Atlanta, Fulton County, Ga. Died Aug 24th, 1910.

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