Pvt. Thomas Orr

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Orr, Thomas - Pvt. 10/6/1861. Died in Henningsen Hospital at Richmond, Va. November 1 or December 5, 1862.

CSA service records state Pvt. Thomas Orr was in Chimborazo hospital, in Richmond with dysentery during November 1862 and was returned to duty Nov. 28th, 1862.

He was wounded during the battle of Fredericksburg, Dec 13th, 1862. He was sent to a hospital in Richmond, Va. His fate remained a mystery to his family for some time and his Company commander, Lt. K. R. Cross, sent a letter to the authorities in Richmond, some 13 months after his wounding, trying to ascertain whether he was dead or alive. Lt Kitchen stated in his letter it would be a great relief to his family to find out his fate.

It's unknown if his family, or Lt Kitchen, ever discovered he had died in a Richmond hospital was buried at Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Va., in the Soldiers Section, specific burial lot is unknown according to cemetery records.

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