Pvt. John W. C. Caldwell

Caldwell, John W. C. - John Wesley Caldwell, Pvt. February 24, 1862. Transferred to Capt. Hanleiter’s Company Ga. Light Artillery (Jo Thompson Artillery,) 6/10/1862. Roll for 10/31/1864 last on file, shows him present. No later record.

Widow, Amanda Caldwell filed for a CSA widow’s pension in 1891 in Pike Co. Ga. She stated her husband was killed at Battle of Averyboro, N.C. March 15, 1865.

Lt. Augustus Shaw signed an affidavit supporting her claim, he stated, “I was present when he was shot and in command of the company and saw him fall, ordered him carried from the field, but he was not able to carried and was left where he was.”

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