Pvt. James W. Rodgers - Co. M

Do you have a photo of this soldier? Do you have a bio of your ancestor who served in the 38th Ga.? If you send it, I'll post it here. Please email me at dnichols16@cox.net.
Rodgers, James W. – Pvt. Jan/1864, Not listed in Henderson’s roster, filed a CSA pension application in DeKalb Co. in 1907, approved for pension. Born Nov. 8th, 1845 in DeKalb Co. Stated he served until April 23rd, 1865, when he was surrendered at Camden S.C., while performing special duty guarding ammunition wagon trains. Died May 7th, 1924 in DeKalb Co. at his home. William P. Cole signed an affidavit supporting his pension claim and stated he was in the same company and with James Rodgers the whole time, and surrendered at the same time.

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