Corp. Jesse A. McCandless

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---------------------------------------------------------------McCandless, Jesse A. - Jesse Andrew McCandless Pvt. 9/26/1861. Transferred to Co. D, 4/1/1862. Wounded at Gaines Mill, Va. 6/27/1862. Roll for September 1, 1864, shows him present. Pension records show he was at home on sick furlough close of war.

CSA service records state he was promoted to Corporal on Dec 20th, 1864, and furloughed home due to Dyspepsia on Aug 31st, 1864, at age 25. Pension application filed in 1907 in Cherokee Co. Ga., states he was born in Cherokee Co., Ga, 1839. Was furloughed home from hospital at Petersburg, Va., about 1/28/1865 and went to his father’s house in Pine-Log, Bartow Co. Ga. He arrived home 2/16/1865 and remained until furlough expired and then reported to Gen. Wafford in Atlanta, but being unable to perform duties Gen. Wafford sent him home and he remained there and finally went to Kingston, N.C., 5/12/1865, where he was paroled. Reported working in saw mill and carpenter after the war. Pvt. J. N. Nash signed an affidavit attesting to his service and said he saw him shot once during the war.

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