Pvt. John F. Andrews

Andrews, John F.- Pvt. 5/6/1862. Wounded in 1862. Deserted subsequent to January 3, 1863.

Note in CSA service records dated Sept 12th, 1864 states “gone over to the enemy.”

He filed a CSA pension application Cherokee Co., Ga. in 1889, and stated he was shot through the right hand during the battle of Gaines Mill on Jun 27th, 1862. The bullet took off his little finger and disabled the other fingers in his hand, and pulled his thumb down to the palm of his hand, making his hand useless.

Resident of Ga. since April 1840, married Amanda J., about 1859. Sgt. John C. Richardson stated in the pension application of John F. Andrews, dated Feb 22, 1898, that he was sent to take the wounded men home, including John Andrews, after the battle of Gaines Mill. Sgt. Richardson said Andrews remained at home and was on extended furlough, but never able to return to the army and was totally disabled by his wounds, but never absent without leave.

There is a letter in his CSA records that states he had a brother, J. W. Andrews, who deserted and went over to the Federal Army, and he believed their war records were confused.

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