Pvt. William B. Stripland

Stripland, W. B. - (William B. Stripland) Pvt. 5/10/1862 Roll for 9/15/1864, last on file, shows him absent without leave since 6/1/1864. No later record.

Filed a CSA pension application in Foysth Co. Ga. in 1908. Born in S.C., in 1840, resident of Ga. since 1858, farmer. States he was home on furlough in early 1865 and could not get back to his command due to Sherman’s army being between him and his command.

Stated he joined Capt William Bonetl’s (or Barrtl’s) Mounted Militia unit and served with them until the surrender and was paroled at Kingston, Ga.

He died 12/15/1924 in Forsyth Co. Ga. Married Mary Turner Stripland, she died 10/25/1891 in Forsyth Co.

The Forsyth County News
December 24, 1924

Mr. W.B. Stripland died at his home on Route 4 one day last week and his remains were laid to rest at Concord Baptist Church. He is survived by a wife, several children, and a host of other relatives.

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