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Whitmire, Elias E. – (Elias Earl Whitmire) Pvt. December 17, 1861. Captured at Winchester, Va. 9/19/1864. Released at Point Lookout, Md. May 12-14, 1865. (Born in Ga. in May 9th, 1835.)

Pension application filed and approved at Forsyth Co. Ga., 1911. Hiram Patterson signed an affidavit supporting pension claim and attesting to his service. Died Oct 30th, 1917 in Forsyth Co., buried at Salem Baptist Church Cemetery, Forsyth Co., GA. Five Whitmire brothers served in Co. L, Elias E., James C., Radcliffe B., Elisha M, and Samuel R. Whitmire. They were the sons of Mary Ann Smith Whitmire (1815-1882) and George Washington Whitmire (1816-1892.)

Pension Application
Confederate Pension Application of Elias E. Whitmire

Confederate Soldier’s Application.
Under Act 1910.
Name-E. E. Whitmire
Regiment-Chestatee Artillery or 38th Ga. Regt.

Questions for Applicants to Answer.

State of Georgia,
Forsyth County.
Elias E. Whitmire of said State and County, hereby applies for the pension provided by Act of 1910, to Confederate Soldiers, and submits his sworn statement, with his testimony to make out the same, and after being duly sworn true answers to make to the questions propounded, answers as follows, to wit:

1. What is your name and where do you reside? (Give County and Post-office)

Elias E. Whitmire, Forsyth County, Gainesville Rt. (?) 11.
2. How long and since when have you been a continuous resident citizen of this State?

All my life. 75 years.

3. Did you enlist in the Army of the Confederate States or of the Organized Militia of this State from 1861 to 1865?


4. When and where, and in what Company and Regiment did you enlist? (Give the arm and class of Service.)

In 1861 in Forsyth County; Company “N” Chestatee Artillery, was later called 38th Ga. Regt.

5. How long did you remain in the actual Military Service with said Company and Regiment? (Give date of discharge.)

Until discharged on payroll May 14 1865.

6. When and where was your Company and Regiment surrendered or discharged from the Service?

At Appomatox in 1865.

7. Were you actually present with your Command when it was surrendered or discharged?

8. If you were not actually present, state specifically and clearly where you were.

I was at Point Lookout Prison.

a. Where was your Command when you left it?

At Cedar Creek in Va., near Winchester.

b. When did you leave the Command?

Sept. 1864.

c. For what cause did you leave?


d. By whose authority did you leave?


e. For how long was your leave granted?


f. Why did you not return to your Command after leave expired?

I was a prisoner.

g. In what way were you prevented?

Prisoner of War.

h. What efforts did you make to return?

i. Were you captured during the war?
j. If so, when, and where? In what prison were you held and when were you released?

Sept. 1864. Cedar Creek Va. Point Lookout Prison, May 14 1865.

9. What property of every description was owned, in the use, possession and control of yourself and wife, and its cash value on the 4 Nov. 1908? (Make a list by items
and value.)

One dwelling cottage and six acres of land valued at $350, one cow value $20, House hold and Kitchen furniture valued at $50.

10. What property of any kind have you or your wife disposed of and for what purpose since 4 Nov. 1908. To whom, and for what price?

None except swapping my home to Leander Hubbard for a home valued at $800.

11. What property of any description of any kind, and any value now owned and in the use, possession and control of yourself and wife and its cash value? (Make an itemized list.)

My present home of 80 acres valued at $800 and cow valued at $20, House hold and Kitchen furniture valued at $50.

12. What annual or monthly income or earnings of yourself and wife and the source derived have you?

My labor.

13. Are you drawing a pension of any amount from this State or the United States?


14. Have you ever applied for the Georgia Pension and had it refused? And for what cause was it refused?


Signed: E. E. Whitmire

Sworn to and subscribed before me, this the 30 day of July 1910. H. V. Jones Ordinary, of Forsyth County.

Questions For Witness As To Service.

State of Georgia,
Forsyth County.
Hiram Patterson of said State and County, hereby presented as a witness in support of the application of E. E. Whitmire for the pension provided by the Act of 1910, in said State, and after being sworn true answers to make to the questions propounded, answers as follows:

1. What is your name and where do you reside?

Hiram Patterson, Forsyth County, Ga. PO Gainesville Ga. Route 1.
2. How long and since when have you known E. E. Whitmire the applicant?

Fifty years or over.

3. Where does he reside, and since when has he been a bona fide, continuous resident in this State and how do you know?

All his life. By living in the same settlement with him.

4. When, where and in what Company and Regiment did E. E. Whitmire enlist during the war from 1861 to 1865? (Give date and place.)

In 1861 [looks like 1862 originally and the 2 marked over by 1], Forsyth County, Ga., Company N of Chestatee Artillery.

5. How did you obtain this information of this Service?
By being a member of the same company and regiment.

6. How long within your own personal knowledge did he perform actual military service with this Company and Regiment? (Give date.)

Upon date of enlistment to date of capture.

7. When and where was his command surrendered or discharged? (Give date and place.)

At Appomatox Va. In 1865. 8. Were you personally present at the Surrender?


9. If not, where were you and how came you there?
I was at home on paroll. [sic]

10. Was the applicant present with his Command at surrender?

11. If not, where was he and how came his there?

At Point Lookout, a prisoner of war.

12. When did he leave his Command?

Sept. 19 1864.

For what cause did he leave?


By whose authority did he leave?


And how long was he granted leave?

How do you know all that you have stated to be true? If of your own knowledge (tell clearly and specifically.)
I was captured with him and carried with him to prison.

13. In what way was he prevented from returning to his Command?


How do you know?

I was with him.

14. What effort did he make to return to his Command and how do you know? [blank]

15. Was applicant captured as a prisoner?


If so, when and where?

Sept. 19 1864, Winchester, and when released?

I was payrolled [sic] in March 1865 and left him as prisoner.

Signed: Hiram Patterson

Sworn to and subscribed before me, this the 1 day of Aug. 1910. H. V. Jones Ordinary, of Forsyth County.

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