Sgt. Adolphus Rosenthal - Co D

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Rosenthal, Adolphus - Pvt. 5/1/1862. Appointed Ordnance Sgt. June 1, 1862. Killed at Wilderness, Va. 5/6/1864.

Adolph Rosenthal was a German Jew from Savannah, born in Germany about 1835. He was severely wounded at the battle of the Wilderness on June 5th, 1864 and sent to Richmond. There he lay dying for two weeks. He was cared for by his sweetheart, Rachel Semon, at her home and by others of the Richmond Jewish community. Rachel was heartbroken at Adolph’s death and wrote Joe Rosenthal, Adolph’s brother, that Adolph “died a good Jew. We even had him benched (blessed by the giving of a new name). His name was Moses. I will tel you all somday as he told me every thing what to do four days before he died…God Bless his sole. May he rest in peace. I even took his remains to Savannah and buried him.”

Source: From the book titled "The Jewish Confederates" by Robert N. Rosen.

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