Pvt. George L. Mason

George Lee Mason - Pvt. 5/10/1862. Roll for February 28, 1863 , last on file, shows him absent without leave. No later record.

Born about 1845, he was left an orphan at just under four years when both parents died within two years of each other. Became a Medical Doctor after the war and entered the mercantile business. Married in 1871. Died Nov 21st, 1885 at age 40. Family sources say he originally buried in 1885 in the Young Family Cemetery, Washington County, Georgia, however, in the 1970s one of his grandsons had Dr. Mason's remains moved and re-buried beside his wife in the City Cemetery, Swainsboro, Emanuel County, Georgia Evans.

Source: Washington County, Georgia, Newspaper Clippings, Volume III 1881-1889. p 201.

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